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Church of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary Fairview Dublin 

"Families receiving the Jesse Box at Sunday Mass"

 How to help support families in a Parish

In the beginning the parish gifts a group of four or five parents with a Jesse Box and story manual to start this journey of family liturgy using the Jesse Box. The group is guided either by the Jesse Box webinar or a person who has used the Jesse Box.
They come together once a week for the duration of two stories or over six sessions. This meeting forms a weekly rhythm and motivates the parents to focus on using Scripture with their children. They  discuss how the last session went for them in their own family and prepare for the next session sharing their experience on a practical level and encouraging each other.
When the families complete the first story they purchase the next story from the parish. It may be good if the children from these families receive the next story at a parish celebration when all the assembly is present. The children come together and are asked by the celebrant some simple questions on the story they have completed. The children then receive from the celebrant a blessing and the next story to work with.
In this way the children perceive they belong to a bigger family, the Church, which supports their family in this task of passing the Faith.
For parents who may discover difficultly when passing Faith to their children, the Parish Priest can direct them to resources in the parish or diocese to assist them. These families supported by the parish become actively involved in their mission as Domestic Church.

The family as Domestic Church has an evangelizing  and missionary task.

In the measure these families experience the Jesse Box as an aid to empower them as Domestic Church and the benefits of engaging their family with Sacred Scripture they will share this experience with other families who they know and believe will also benefit from this form of family Liturgy.
The individual families from the original group invite other families they know personally to begin this journey forming a new group. After inviting these new families they accompany them over the next two stories as they themselves continue to use the Jesse Box with their own children each week. The original group of parents continue to meet on a lesser scale at least once a month.
When the new families have completed the two stories they actively seek to form new groups repeating the process. In this way families are supporting families to be Domestic Church, supported by the Church, partaking in their mission to evangelize the parish.

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