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Exodus: Sessions 1 - 5

Night of Passover

Session 1: Night of the Passover.
After 400 years the Israelites find themselves slaves in a land where they are foreigners. They have almost forgotten the promise made to Abraham that they would be God’s people in their own land. The harshness of their lives has left them with no hope. As slaves they have no rights, no dignity, they are obliged under pain of death to do as their taskmasters order them.

Session 2: Sea of Reeds.
Now a liberator has come, one of Hebrew blood but raised in an Egyptian family, to take them to freedom. Can they trust him? Do they know him? They have seen the wonders worked by him in God’s name. What other options do they have either they go with him or stay as a slave. They know to stay as a slave they will have a short life of bitterness and hardship. They have a choice always to be obliged to serve their taskmaster who did not even see them as human or trust the promise made to them would be fulfilled.

Sea Of Reeds


 Session 3: Desert Miracles.
As we  journey through the scripture story we will see how our lives are tied up with these Israelites as they are taken from slavery to freedom. In our Baptism we were freed from the slavery to sin. But to resist sin we need to discover how we can be slaves to sin in our life and how sins make us serve them, how sin makes us suffer and demands from us.

Session 4: Mount Sinai.
This word of the Exodus is fulfilled in the life of Jesus Christ, who was the only one who could fulfill it and united to him we have the possibility to live this word.


Mount Sinai

Promised Land

Session 5: Promised Land.
This promise to be with God in Heaven for all eternity was made to us in our Baptism. This promise will become a reality in our life. The Church, giving us instruction and the sacraments, helps us grow trusting God the Father in the plan he has for our life and sharing in the mission of Jesus Christ.