The jesse box "Bible Stories come alive"

Family as Domestic Church



The Jesse box introduces and encourages family Liturgy. Using simple arts and crafts the children are invited to listen to Salvation History through the scripture stories, where the parents engage in conversation with the children helping them discover the relevance Sacred Scripture has to their life and the plan of God through their own history.
Each parent knows their own children's ability and speaks to them accordingly. Some may only use the arts and crafts as a family activity with focus on the Bible story. Others may want to use this time together to deepen family prayer time and others may want to help the children use the Scripture as a way to discern the plan of God for their life.
Whatever way the family uses the Jesse Box as a tool to come together and engage the children, the Sacred Scripture will bring fruit to the family as a whole. The children understand that the parents are placing the Bible at the center of their family life,
helping to empower them as Domestic Church.

Each family is unique, however the Christian family is called to be an intimate experience of Church. The parents seeking to place Jesus Christ at the center of their families make the home the place where love, forgiveness, patience, sharing, generosity and trust are encountered, and above all divine worship.
The family members grow with an attitude of sharing their skills with one another and of service to each other.
The Christian family is infused with the Holy Spirit through the sacraments to help them in this mission.
The Second Vatican Council recognized the family as the Domestic Church and in the teaching of the Church encourages ways to help the family realize the gifts the Lord pours out on the family.


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How to Start a Parents Group in your Parish

In the beginning the parish gifts a group of four or five parents with a Jesse Box and story manual to start this journey of family liturgy using the Jesse Box. The group is supported either by the Jesse Box webinar or a person who has used the Jesse Box. They come together once a week for the duration of two stories or over six sessions. This meeting forms a weekly rhythm and motivates the parents to focus on using Scripture with their children. They meet to discuss how the last session went for them in their own family and prepare for the next session. They share their experience on a practical level and encourage each other. When the families complete the first story they purchase the next story from the parish. It may be good if the children from these families receive the next story at a parish celebration when all the assembly is present. The children come together and are asked by the celebrant some simple questions on the story they have completed.
The children then receive a blessing and the next story to work with. In this way the children can understand they belong to a bigger family, the Church, which supports their family in this task of passing the Faith
For parents who may discover difficultly when passing Faith to their children, the Parish Priest can direct them to resources in the parish or diocese to assist them.
Families supported by the parish become actively involved in their mission as Domestic Church

If you would like more information about starting a parent's group in your parish
please fill out contact form and a representative will get back to you.