The jesse box "Bible Stories come alive"

Jigsaw Puzzles

The Jigsaw Puzzles are suggested for two age brackets,
Age    7+   48 pieces
Age  11+  100 pieces
They are all scenes from the Bible Stories that are illustrated and come to life using the Jesse Box.
Stories included are :
Creation. David and Goliath. Exodus.
Holy Week. Nativity. Pentecost.

Some of the pieces in the jigsaw puzzle represent elements of the story. They are a great way to get a conversation started with the children about the story and the different meaning each piece has. The jigsaw is another fun way to engage the children with the scripture story.
                                                                                      For an explanation click on an image.

david copy
David and Goliath

exodus copy


nativity copy

holy week copy
Holy Week

pentecost copy