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How to play Memory Card Game


Age: 3+
Number of players: 2+
Instructions: Older children can use the whole deck of 48 cards, but younger children may want to use fewer cards. Make sure the deck you use is made up of pairs. For a really difficult game, Old and New Testament packs can be mixed.

Shuffle and spread cards face down on a table between the players. Cards can be laid in a random pattern or in a grid. The object of the game is to find matching pairs. The eldest goes first, then the person to their left and so on. Players take turns turning over two cards and letting all the players see them and study them. If they are not a matching pair, try to remember what and where they are, then turn them back over. The next player turns over two cards. If they are a matching pair, that player removes them from the table and keeps them, and then has another turn. When all cards have been removed from the table, each player counts up the number of pairs they have collected. The player with the most pairs wins.

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