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Noah's Ark: Sessions 1 - 4

“The Church has seen in Noah’s ark a prefiguring of salvation by Baptism.” (C.C.C. 1219)The Church has always maintained this connection between Baptism and the flood. In the early Church converts were baptized at Easter. The season of Lent is a time for the catechumens (those preparing for Baptism) to do penance and to prepare for Baptism. The season of Lent lasts forty days and forty nights. This is the same amount of time it took for the flood to destroy all living creatures that were not in the ark. Catechumens today continue to prepare for Easter through repentance as they will be cleansed in the waters of Baptism. Through Baptism our sins are washed away and we are reborn as children of God.

Noah Session 1 Noah builds the Ark

Session 1: Noah builds the Ark                                            Noah and woman

Noah was saved from the flood because he walked with God. Therefore he listened to God’s command to build an ark and to enter it. Those who did not walk with God were lost in the flood. The waters of the flood destroyed every living creature on the earth except for Noah and his family. As the flood waters washed over the earth it was renewed. In Jesus Christ we too can be renewed through the waters of Baptism. Through Baptism we will learn to walk with God and be saved.

Session 2: Noah enters the Ark                  Noah and people at ARK

The action of God was to save mankind from sin that had entered through the disobedience of Adam and Eve. God used the waters of the flood and the ark to save Noah and his family and through them to save mankind. The water of the flood can be a metaphor for events in our life that are difficult and cause suffering, but God uses them to bring us closer to him. God is the only one who can draw life out of death. Through Jesus Christ we are able to turn away from sin and return to God and be with him forever in Heaven.

Noah Session 2 Noah enters the Ark

Noah Session 3 The flood

Session 3: The Flood and Subsidence

As in the time of Noah, many in our society today are going further away from God, concerning themselves only with pleasures that are self-indulging and temporary. God calls all to conversion and to be renewed through the waters of Baptism. God also calls those who have already been baptised to repent when they fall. Through the sacramental life of the Church, the baptised receive the graces to resist temptation, to turn back to Christ when we have failed and to renew our life in Christ.

Session 4: Dry land and the Promise                                                                                             Noah (Opt25)

The only people who listened to Noah were his family. Through Noah and these seven people God renewed the face of the earth. The number seven in scripture is an important number and can symbolize the completeness of God. This number can be seen all through the passage reading of Noah. The Fathers of the Church say, “Noah, having been found faithful, preached, by his ministry, regeneration unto the world, and by him God preserved the animals that entered with one consent into the ark.”  (The first epistle of Clement to the Corinthians 9:4 )

Noah Session 4 Dry land