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How to play Old Maid Card Game

Old maid

Age: 6+
Number of players:  3 - 6

Instructions:    Choose one card, without looking at it, to be ‘the old maid’ and remove it from the pack. The rest of the cards are dealt, face down. It doesn’t matter if some players end up with more cards than others.
The players then sort their cards, keeping them hidden from all other players. Anyone holding pairs of matching cards should put them down face up.
The player to the left of the dealer then fans his cards in his hand so he can see them all, although he keeps them hidden from the other players. He offers them to the player on his left, who cannot see them, but takes a random card from his hand. If the card he picks matches any he already he has, he puts down the pair. If not, he keeps it in his hand. Then, he, in turn, fans his cards and offers them to the player on his left.
This continues until all the cards have been put down in pairs, except the ‘Old Maid’, which is left alone and cannot be paired. The person left holding this card is the Old Maid, and loses the game



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