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Pentecost: Sessions 1 - 3

Pentecost session 1 Mt Sinai

Session 1: Mount Sinai
With the covenant on Mount Sinai God revealed that his people “shall be his own possession among all the peoples”. On Mount Sinai the Israelites received the Torah, the first five books of the Bible containing the Ten Commandments. The law was difficult for the people to follow.
In the Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC 1963) the Church teaches that the law is imperfect as it shows what must be done but does not give the grace to fulfill it.Throughout salvation history we can see that from the beginning of Creation God has been working on the hearts of his people.


Session 2: The Descent of the Holy Spirit
After the Resurrection the apostles were frightened and confused. They were contemplating the events since they had met Jesus. They remembered how Jesus called them to follow him, his message, the miracles worked by him, and what he said at the Last Supper. Who were the apostles when Jesus called them? They were fishermen, tax collectors and zealots. They had all, except for John, run away from the cross. Peter denied Jesus in front of a young servant girl who recognized him. Just a short while before, two of the apostles had asked for a place of power sitting at his right and left. The apostles had witnessed the life, death and Resurrection of Jesus, yet they were limited.


Pentecost session 2 waiting for Holy Spirit

Pentecost session 2a descent of Hloy Spirit

Session 3: The Birth of the Church
After receiving the Holy Spirit, Peter began to proclaim the message of Jesus with zeal. Peter stood in the midst of the people of Israel, proclaiming that the man they had killed was the Messiah. Yet it was scandalous to the Israelites that the man whom had been crucified on the cross could be considered the Messiah.Yet, again through the power of the Holy Spirit, those who were present were able to listen. Clement of Alexandria says that faith comes from listening. After the people listened to the apostles they were converted and baptized.