The jesse box "Bible Stories come alive"

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‘‘The Jesse Box is a wonderful resource for making Scripture come alive for children. Enabling teachers to engage in creative and imaginative play with concrete materials, the Jesse Box provides an affordable means of introducing contemporary methods in religious education to your classroom practice.’’

Anne Hession,
Lecturer in Religious Education, St. Patrick’s College, Dublin.

“I was so impressed by The Jesse Box. It is ingenious and really child and family friendly.I think that you could use this idea for all kinds of faith formation and pastoral work with children.
Adults might enjoy the process too! I am involved in RE in primary schools and I think the schools would love such a resource.
I can’t wait to use the Jesse Box in Mary Immaculate College with students who are being formed as teachers.
I’ll definitely use this with my own kids.”

Dr. Patricia Kieran,
Department of Learning, Society, and Religious Education, Faculty of Education,
Mary Immaculate College,
University of Limerick


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‘‘The Jesse Box is an attractive resource for children in the home or school.
At home the endeavour of constructing the characters through craft work brings a sense of ownership and anticipation for children. The mystery of the characters unfolds in the stories which can be enacted over and over again. Parents and children can explore the stories together in a creative and engaging way.
In schools or church settings, the Jesse Box can serve as a valuable resource for telling bible stories to children. Every school (indeed every classroom) would benefit from having the Jesse Box as a resource for Religious Education.’’
Cora O’Farrell
Lecturer in Religious Education, St Patrick’s College, Dublin.

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