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How to play Sevens Card Game

Sevens (Variation on this game)

This is simple game that helps the children with the sequence of all the stories.
Number of Players: 3+
Age Range: 6+
Instructions: The entire pack of cards is dealt clockwise and face-down around the group.
The players then sort their cards into sequences in each story. The player who holds ‘the journey’ (red) from the Nativity or the darkness and light card (red) from the Creation story starts by placing this card down in the centre. The game then continues clockwise. The next player has two options to play. A player who cannot play simply skips a turn.

  1. He places the next card from that story- in this case the orange Nativity card ‘meet the shepherds’, or the orange Creation card ‘plants and animals’ which is placed to the right.
  2. Another red card from any other story, which is placed above or below the red card (including possibly another Nativity red card).
    All cards played are placed face up on the table, in sequence, so that all the stories form a row. To check the sequence of the story, it follows the colours of the rainbow
    Red , orange , yellow , green , blue , purple.
    Each story will be there twice at the end. The winner is the first player to use up all his cards. If you wish you can continue to play until all the cards have been used up and all eight rows are complete.

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